Custom Search Starter Code

For this event, you will be able to create a customized search and tweak it with your own creative ideas!

How it works

  1. Download the starter code below
  2. Customize it with your own unique ideas
  3. Copy and paste your HTML into the form below and click "Get a Temporary URL"
  4. Use the temporary URL to demonstrate your creation

1. Download the Starter Code

To help you get started, we've provided a simple barebones search page for you to customize.

Right-click and Save As...

2. Customize the Page

Apply your creativity and your favorite HTML editor along with our CTDL guidance to create a fun, interesting, and/or useful Credential Search!

CTDL Explorer
Use this to quickly determine how to structure your queries to mirror the structure of CTDL documents in the Registry.
Sample Use Cases
This page shows some important use cases for Credential Registry searches, along with sample queries designed to meet them. Use this as a springboard for your own ideas!

3. Get a URL for your page

Copy and paste your HTML into the text box below, and click "Get a Temporary URL" - This will store a temporary copy of your page on our server so you can demonstrate it! Be sure to keep your own copy of your work safely on your own computer so you can reupload it here if needed.