Being based in Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the Project Design & Process Objectives, the outcomes of Steps 1 through 4 are syntax neutral—i.e., no final decisions are made as to how the data will be serialized. This stands in sharp contrast to development processes that assume a format or syntax (e.g., XML) up front and model the data to meet the peculiarities of the chosen syntax. Thus, the graph modeling for RDF and Linked Data and the DCMI DCAP do not require any particular machine-readable encoding syntax as long as the syntax employed can fully express the values and relationships defined in an application profile. Following these guidelines, the Credential Engine Technical Advisory Group and the Credential Engine Technical Team will develop various encoding guidelines for Credential Engine metadata in RDFa and Microdata for HTML/XHTML tagging of web pages, RDF/XML, JSON-LD, and Turtle, with others added in the future from the growing array of graph bindings.

Step 5: Syntax Guidelines Development