CER Search Query Builder Tool

Use this tool to develop and test queries to be sent to the Credential Engine Registry Search API.

The Keywords field accepts any text string and performs a full text search on all properties within a record.

The JSON Subdocuments are used to pass JSON structures to the query. The structure of the JSON document (in terms of arrays and objects) must exactly match the structure of the desired record(s), but you only need to include the properties that are relevant to your query. Note that you must click the Apply button at the bottom of the list of JSON Subdocuments once you are done entering them in order to perform a query with them.

The Sample Queries provide some pre-formatted queries to demonstrate how to use this tool.

The Query section shows two representations of the query that has been constructed: The first is unencoded and meant to help you understand the data; the second is URL encoded and is what would actually be sent to the Registry server. Click on the URL encoded query to see the raw, real data your system will get back from the Registry for that query.

The Results section provides basic information about each result along with the JSON-LD payload data for each returned envelope.


JSON Subdocuments

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Sample Queries