Credential Transparency Description Language Release History

This page displays the release history for the Credential Transparency Description Language schema. Each release contains a set of changes, which are documented below. Each change describes what was changed, why, and links to one or more relevant Github issues.

October 2018 CTDL Release (20181026)

This is the October 2018 CTDL Release

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  • rdfs:comment: Added
    en-US The primary language or languages of the entity, even if it makes use of other languages; e.g., a course offered in English to teach Spanish would have an inLanguage of English, while a credential in Quebec could have an inLanguage of both French and English.
  • rdfs:comment: Removed
    en-US Primary language of the credential, learning opportunity or assessment.
  • dct:description: Removed
    en-US This is the primary language the entity, even if the it makes use of other languages. For example, a course that teaches Spanish to English-speaking students may primarily be in English, because that is the language used to convey the material.


en-US Clarification of term

Mapping Changes Implemented in this Release