Credential Engine Meta Schema

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Creative Commons License
Credential Engine Meta Schema by Credential Engine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

About This Schema

Classes and properties used to aid in the management of schemas by the Credential Engine. This schema is subject to undocumented change at any time. Third parties may reference this schema if necessary, but should not implement it.

9/29/2017 Release

This is the September 2017 Release of the CE Meta Schema

This page displays the Credential Engine Meta Schema schema in an RDF-centric format. Below you will find every class, property, concept scheme, and concept for this schema, each with a thorough description and connections to other terms. For an object-oriented view of this schema, use the Mapping Guidance page.


In the tables below, the following prefixes refer to the following schema sources:

General References
PrefixVocabulary NameVocabulary Title
cs ChangeSet Vocabulary
meta Meta Schema Terms
rdf Description Framework
skos Knowledge Organization System
vs Semantic Web Vocabulary Annotations
xsd Schema Definition
Controlled Vocabulary Concepts References (SKOS)
PrefixVocabulary NameVocabulary Title
constraintType Meta Schema Constraint Type Concept Scheme
groupType Meta Schema Group Type




Info and Statistics

Below is key information for the 9/29/2017 Release of Credential Engine Meta Schema:

Credential Engine Meta Schema

Schema ID: meta
Schema Prefix: meta
Release ID: 20170929
Release Date: 9/29/2017
Release Status: vs:stable


Use the options below to determine the totals to include for the selected schemas. For each schema, you can also opt to include counts for terms that that schema borrows:

  • From other Credential Engine schemas (e.g., CTDL-ASN borrows ceterms:industryType from CTDL for its ceasn:CompetencyFramework class)
  • From non-Credential Engine schemas (e.g., CTDL borrows schema:QuantitativeData from for its ceterms:financialAssistanceValue property)

Terms will not be counted twice regardless of which combination of options you select.

Term TypeStableUnstablePendingDeprecatedTotal by Type
Concept Scheme
Total by Status