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Posted on 3/1/2017
February CTI TAC Meeting Followup

Thank you for participating in this month's TAC meeting. Meeting notes and followup information can be found on the Meetings Minutes and Resources page.

Posted on 2/22/2017
February CTI TAC Meeting

This is just a reminder that the Monthly Credential Engine Technical Advisory Committee is this Friday, February 24th at 11:00 AM EST. You will find the meeting agenda below. Friday, February 24th is also the CTDL Release 20170224. We are very excited about this release and look forward to telling all of our TAC members more!


  • Welcome and Housekeeping - Jeanne Kitchens
  • CTDL Release: 20170224 - Stuart Sutton and Nate Argo
  • Primary Topics for Next Release Scheduled for April 2017 - Stuart and Jeanne
    • ceterms: CredentialPerson - Seeking feedback now to determine if this class should be retained and refined.
  • Proposal for CostManifest Class
  • Proposal for ConditionManifest Class
  • Co-design Partner Implementation Roadmaps Update - Stuart and Jeanne
    • Feb 23, 2017 - June 30, 2017 working up to 10 credentialing partners to co-design Partner Roadmaps for implementing CTDL
  • Next Steps - Bob, Stuart and Jeanne
    • Back to Focus on Registry Specifications
    • Work with Selected Partners on Co-design of CTDL Implementation Roadmaps
    • Next CTDL Release, April 28, 2017
    • Upcoming CTDL Review Groups, Please Join!
Posted on 2/10/2017
February CTDL Release

Dear CTI/Credential Engine Technical Advisory Committee and Partners,

A Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) release will occur on Friday, February 24, 2017. This release follows the initial release on November 11, 2016. Following the CTDL release policy, all updates for the February release are now available for TAC and partner review via the CTDL Pending page. This web page shows all of the CTDL classes, properties and concept schemes that are ”Stable”, “Unstable” and “Pending.” All items with a status of “Pending” are scheduled for release on Feb. 24th and will change to a status of “Stable.”

To filter to see only “Pending” items:

  1. Go to
  2. In the footer at the bottom of the window, select to filter by clicking on “Show Pending.”
  3. Scroll down the page to see all classes, properties and concept schemes with a status of Pending.
  4. To see the details of each pending item, click on the term’s panel. This will open the panel to show all of the related information.

If you have any comments about the CTDL schema items marked as “Pending” please either use the TAC Google Group or email Comments need to be submitted by Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

This same process will be followed for all subsequent releases. Also, on the day of the release, a History page on the website will be updated to show all updates from “Pending” to “Stable” as well as other updates such as deprecations. The team will send an email and update the Google group on the day of the release to include direct links to the information about the CTDL release such as the change history. The CTI/Credential Engine (CE) team appreciates your review and comments.


Sincerely, CTI/CE Technical Team

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About Credential Registry

Credential Registry allows users to see what various credentials represent in terms of competencies, transfer value, assessment rigor, third-party approval status, and much more.

The open and voluntary registry will include all kinds of credentials, from education degrees and certificates to industry certifications, occupational licenses, and micro-credentials. Each credential will describe its name, type, level, competencies, assessments, accreditation, labor market value, and so on.

The goals are transparency and clarity, and to help align credentials with the needs of students, job seekers, workers, and employers.

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The Credential Engine project’s technical team (TT) provides credentialing pilot site partners with a set of services beneficial to each organization’s short- and long-term technology planning.

Through each phase of the Credential Engine project, the TT provides assistance, including non-technical and technical materials for administrators and technical staff.

Throughout the process, partners provide information and access needed to co-engineer the Credential Registry, Credential Directory, and other potential apps. Pilot site partners are also discovering the benefits of linked data, and providing iterative feedback on the process and outcomes.

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Developers are able to leverage the the Credential Registry API to build applications that can read or publish as much or as little information about credentials as they need to.

The Credential Engine project's developers are using Dublin Core Application Profiles process to create sytems that communicate all virtually all aspects of credentials.

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Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) promotes collaboration across, and harmonization of, standardization initiatives that are developing data models, vocabularies, and schemas for credentials and competency frameworks, and related competency information such as criticality ratings and assessment data typically captured with a wide variety of systems.

The goal is to identify, document and openly share solutions that support comparability of credentials and competencies across industries/sectors, human resource systems, education, and government systems.

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