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Technical Services and Advisory Group

Technical Services

We specialize in helping organizations define, implement, and derive value from general open data strategies as well as from the Credential Registry and other Credential Engine services. Our areas of focus include credentials, skills and competencies, education and career pathways, transfer value, and quality assurance.

CTDL Advisory Group

The CTDL Advisory Group is open to anyone interested in participating with feedback on development of the CTDL and other Credential Engine technologies and services and with supporting alignment with other standards.


Developers are able to leverage the the Credential Registry API to build applications that can read or publish as much or as little information about credentials as they need to.

The Credential Engine project's developers are using Dublin Core Application Profiles process to create systems that communicate all virtually all aspects of credentials.

Use the CTDL Schemas

The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) is available to use with data design, with interoperable learner/worker records, and for publishing information as linked data.

Explore the CTDL Handbook, Terms, Serializations, LER Guide, and other resources for using CTDL on this site.

Publishing Options

Credential Engine offers the following options for publishing to the Credential Registry:

  • Registry Assistant Publishing API
  • Manual Entry
  • Bulk Upload

For more information on setting up your account and getting started with any of the publishing methods, click here.

Search Options

Credential Engine offers a robust search API to enable developers to leverage the wealth of data contained in the registry, using the CTDL and CTDL-ASN schemas.

Credential Engine offers a way for non-technical participants to enable a credential search on their own website. The Credential Finder Widget can be customized to match your site's theme and your preferences for automatic filtering, so that the results it shows can be more closely tailored to your site's purposes.

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Connect Learning to Working with CTDL data and the Credential Registry
Posted on 10/9/2023

Credential Engine now supports publishing Job, Occupation, Work Role, and Task information as CTDL Linked Open Data. We are thrilled to invite you to an interactive webinar on October 25th, 2023, at 11 am ET, delving into the practical aspects of how to publish and use this data.

Why CTDL Matters:

The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) provides essential terms that bridge the gap between learning and working. Now, with the newly introduced bulk data upload options in the Credential Registry Publishing System, you can seamlessly link Jobs, Occupations, Work Roles, and Tasks to credentials, learning programs, assessments, competencies, skills, pathways, and more. This transparency via connected, open data empowers individuals to pursue educational opportunities tailored to their career goals, enables education providers to align with employer needs, and assists employers in finding relevant credentials and programs that prepare for the jobs they offer.

Join us by registering below to learn about and get started with publishing using the Credential Registry API and bulk upload options for Jobs, Occupations, Work Roles, and Tasks.

Event Details:

We're dedicated to ensuring you leave the webinar equipped with actionable insights and hands-on knowledge to enhance your organization's data transparency. Feel free to invite colleagues who share your interest in leveraging CTDL for better data integration and understanding.

New CTDL Rubric Terms Release October 2023
Posted on 10/4/2023

Credential Engine is pleased to announce the release of new terms in the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) to facilitate the publishing of Rubric information. This development is the result of collaboration with experts and partners in the Rubrics Task Group in accordance with our Significant Managed CTDL Specification Updates Process which ensures the enduring value of CTDL Linked Open Data.

Rubrics are vital for understanding competencies in relation to credentials and jobs, outlining observable behaviors indicating a person's competence level. These rubrics support various processes, such as assessing learning outcomes or job task performance. CTDL, which was already capable of describing credentials, competencies, assessments, and tasks, now includes rubrics. This addition enhances transparency regarding required competencies in specific contexts and their assessment methods. Moreover, the CTDL model for rubrics has broad applicability, extending beyond individuals and competences to appraise organizational capabilities and assess product quality or suitability.

At this time, the Credential Registry Publishing System is being updated to support publishing Rubric data to the Credential Registry, and an implementation webinar is scheduled for November 2023.

For more information, refer to the following resources available or anyone to use under an open license:

Feel free to explore these resources to understand this update better. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact Us page or email us at We aim to respond within one to two business days.

CTDL Certificates Task Group Invitation to Participate
Posted on 9/8/2023

Credential Engine follows a clearly defined, open process to make significant updates to develop the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL). This process includes subject matter and technical experts forming short-term task groups to provide valuable input, typically through six online meetings over approximately 12 weeks. You are invited to join our new CTDL Certificates Task Group.

The CTDL already supports rich descriptions of numerous types of credentials including some types of certificates. Credential Engine has been asked by a number of United States-based partners to consider expanding the types of certificates that are described and included in the CTDL. Consequently, additional types of industry, vocational, career, technical, secondary, and postsecondary certificates that are embedded in programs or require successful passing of assessments need to be explored to determine if/how they should be defined within the CTDL. The CTDL Certificates Task Group will revisit the definition and framing of the term “certificate” and sub-classes of that term in order to accurately represent ecosystems’ needs. This specific Task Group will focus on U.S. based issuance of certificates but is open to any interested persons globally. See the current list of types of credentials including certificates.

The chartered Certificates Task Group (CTG) will generate use cases and determine a CTDL model and terms proposal for additional types of certificates and terms for describing them and their relationships to competencies, assessments, jobs, other types of credentials and other relevant entities can be integrated into CTDL. This information is also available via the Credential Engine Website.

Join the CTDL Certificates Task Group

Who: Prior knowledge of CTDL is appreciated but not required. Credential Engine encourages subject matter and technical experts from education, training, industry and business to join the CTG regardless of where in the world they work. Examples of the knowledge and experience we seek include:

  • subject matter experts with knowledge or experience of developing, implementing, and/or approving industry, vocational, career, technical, secondary or postsecondary certificates and related programs;
  • subject matter experts in the use of industry, vocational, career, technical, secondary or postsecondary certificates;
  • subject matter experts in designing or implementing education and career pathways that include industry, vocational, career, technical, secondary or postsecondary certificates;
  • technical experts with knowledge of existing standards or technical implementations for industry, vocational, career, technical, secondary or postsecondary certificate and related areas such as competencies, learning opportunities, and assessments.

When and Where: The Certificates Task Group is anticipated to begin on Wednesday September 27 , 2023, hold approximately six, one-hour bi-weekly meetings on the following dates at 11:00 am ET. See the World Clock for your time zone. All meetings will be recorded and materials will be shared with all SSTG members.

  1. Wed, October 4, 2023
  2. Wed, October 18, 2023
  3. Wed, November 1, 2023
  4. Wed, November 15, 2023
  5. Wed, November 29, 2023
  6. Wed, December 13, 2023

Resources: Credential Engine will create and provide all resources needed for this work, based on CTG input, and share them for ongoing feedback between meetings. All feedback and materials are transparently available following an open development process.

Outcomes: The final products of this work include the expanded use cases, real-world data examples, and relevant CTDL domain model and terms with definition, and data standards mapping. All outputs from the process are all public information made available under open licenses.

Processes: The process utilized to ensure timely and usable outcomes from Task Groups is well established and successful. The resultant outputs will be reviewed via an open webinar for Credential Engines’ advisory group members and other stakeholders followed by a public comment period. This efficient process ensures orderly changes that support and expand the durable, persistent value of CTDL Linked Open Data. Once this process is completed, the CTDL family of standards and Handbook will be updated along with the Credential Registry publishing and consuming tools. The Registry and related tools and resources are freely available for publishing data to the Credential Registry.

Contact Credential Engine: If you have any questions about this task group, please email This mailbox is monitored during normal U.S. business hours.

Action Request and Follow-Up: CTDL Rubric Terms Proposal
Posted on 9/6/2023

Thank you to all who participated in the Rubrics Task Group and the September 6, 2023 CTDL Rubric Proposal Webinar. The webinar and audio recordings and presentation are available for your review.

Your input is highly valued, and we appreciate your contribution towards evolving the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL). Following the webinar is a two-week comment period, and we encourage you to provide feedback on the CTDL Rubric Proposal by Friday, September 22, 2023 using any of the following options:

The CTDL Rubric terms updates are part of an efficient process designed to facilitate organized changes and enhance the enduring value of CTDL Linked Open Data. Credential Engine's plan includes updating the CTDL family of specifications and implementing these terms within the Credential Registry Publishing System in 2023. We will provide further details on these updates, as well as information on how to participate in an implementation webinar, in an upcoming announcement.

We want to express our appreciation for your interest and active involvement in the CTDL development process. If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Opportunity to Provide Input: CTDL Rubric Terms Proposal
Posted on 8/24/2023

Credential Engine is extending an invitation to you to join the CTDL Rubric Terms Proposal Webinar.

In collaboration with the CTDL team, the CTDL Rubrics Task Group (RTG) has crafted a proposal introducing CTDL rubric terms. Rubrics hold the key to unlocking a deeper comprehension of competencies within the context of credentials and job roles. By defining observable behaviors that indicate varying levels of proficiency, rubrics empower us to assess learning outcomes, gauge task performance, and more.

Already proficient in describing credentials, competencies, assessments, and tasks, CTDL is poised to take its capabilities to the next level by incorporating CTDL rubric terms. With the Task Group's work now complete, we are excited to present the CTDL Rubrics Term Proposal to stakeholders like you and eagerly await your invaluable feedback. At the heart of CTDL's evolution lies community engagement and feedback. This is your chance to delve into the RTG's efforts, review the proposal, and contribute your insights.

We are offering two time slots on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. Please register for the time that is most convenient for you:

Please note that the webinars will be recorded and the recordings made publicly available along with all meeting materials.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the CTDL development process. We look forward to your involvement.

This information is also available via the Credential Engine website.