Quantitative Data Release History

This page displays the release history for the Quantitative Data schema. Each release contains a set of changes, which are documented below. Each change describes what was changed, why, and links to one or more relevant Github issues.

November 2022 QData Release (20221130) (Current Release)

This is the November 2022 QData Release.

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qdata:facultyToStudentRatio View Term History: JSON Turtle


  • schema:rangeIncludes: Added xsd:string
  • dct:description: Added
    en-US What constitutes "teaching faculty" is determined by the Organization and may include anyone with a significant, direct instructional role in interactions with students in learning activities.
  • schema:domainIncludes: Added ceterms:AggregateDataProfile
  • vann:usageNote: Added
    en-US The expression of the ratio should feature the number of faculty first, followed by the number of students, e.g., "1:10" to mean "one faculty per ten students".
  • schema:domainIncludes: Added qdata:DataProfile
  • vs:term_status: Added vs:unstable
  • rdfs:label: Added
    en-US Faculty-to-Student Ratio
  • rdfs:comment: Added
    en-US Ratio of the number of teaching faculty to the number of students.


en-US New property

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