Credential Transparency Description Language Serializations

Release 20240223
This page displays serializations for the Credential Transparency Description Language schema in JSON-LD and Turtle. Below you will find every class, property, concept scheme, and concept for this schema, available in either format. Use this page to get the serialized version of the entire schema, including unstable and deprecated terms. For the serialized version of an individual term, use the JSON-LD or Turtle links for that term on the Terms page.
Use either the "Direct Link" or "JSON/Turtle Download" links below to always get the latest version of the schema.

Available profiles for this schema:

Profiles define constraints (such as required properties, which properties allow multiple values, etc.) for a schema when it is used in a specific context. Select a profile to view its constraints on this schema:
Raw Schema
View this schema with no profile constraints attached.
Credential Engine Registry Profile of CTDL
This is the profile of CTDL used by the Credential Engine Registry.