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October 2018 CTDL Release (20181026) (Current Release)

This is the October 2018 CTDL Release

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  • rdfs:comment: Added
    en-US The primary language or languages of the entity, even if it makes use of other languages; e.g., a course offered in English to teach Spanish would have an inLanguage of English, while a credential in Quebec could have an inLanguage of both French and English.
  • dct:description: Removed
    en-US This is the primary language the entity, even if the it makes use of other languages. For example, a course that teaches Spanish to English-speaking students may primarily be in English, because that is the language used to convey the material.
  • rdfs:comment: Removed
    en-US Primary language of the credential, learning opportunity or assessment.


en-US Clarification of term

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