Quantitative Data

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About This Schema

The CTDL Quantitative Data schema (QData for short) is intended to describe aggregate/statistical data related to credentials and other such information.

The QData model and accompanying properties and classes currently provide access to aggregate earnings, employment and holder data stemming largely from second party datasets (e.g., U.S. Department of Labor). Similar access is under development for including aggregate credential holder data.

Current records in the Credential Engine Registry (CER) embody authoritative data provided either by: (1) the credential organization that owns or offers the credential as well as any associated learning opportunities or assessments; or, (2) a second party under the authority of such a credential organization. The earnings, employment and holder information of concern here is largely sourced through second party data aggregators including public sector agencies at both state and federal levels and private sector organizations supporting specific services and making that data more-or-less publicly available through various means.

5/29/2020 Release

This is the QData 2020 CTDL Release

This page displays the Quantitative Data schema in an RDF-centric format. Below you will find every class, property, concept scheme, and concept for this schema, each with a thorough description and connections to other terms. For an object-oriented view of this schema, use the Mapping Guidance page.


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Below is key information for the 5/29/2020 Release of Quantitative Data:

Quantitative Data

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Schema Prefix: qdata
Release ID: 20200327
Release Date: 5/29/2020
Release Status: vs:pending


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