Credential Transparency Description Language

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Creative Commons License
Credential Transparency Description Language by Credential Engine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

About This Schema

This is the primary schema of the Credential Engine.

11/27/2020 Release

This is the November 2020 CTDL Release

This page displays the Credential Transparency Description Language schema in an RDF-centric format. Below you will find every class, property, concept scheme, and concept for this schema, each with a thorough description and connections to other terms. For an object-oriented view of this schema, use the Mapping Guidance page.


In the tables below, the following prefixes refer to the following schema sources:

General References
PrefixVocabulary NameVocabulary Title
asn Standards Network
ceasn Profile of Achievement Standards Network Description Language
ceds Education Data Standards (CEDS) Schema Elements
ceterms Transparency Description Language
cs Set
dc Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1
dct Metadata Terms
foaf of a Friend
lrmi Resource Metadata Initiative
meta Engine Meta Terms
obi Badges Technical Specification (Schema)
owl Web Language
qdata Data Schema
rdf Description Framework
rdfs Schema 1.1
skos Knowledge Organization System
vann Annotation Vocabulary
vs Semantic Web Vocabulary Annotations
xsd Schema Definition
Controlled Vocabulary Concepts References (SKOS)
PrefixVocabulary NameVocabulary Title
actionStat Status Type Concept Scheme
agentSector Sector Type Concept Scheme
assessMethod Method Type Concept Vocabulary
assessUse Use Type Concept Scheme
audience Type Concept Scheme
audLevel Level Type Concept Scheme
claimType Type Concept Scheme
costType Type Concept Scheme
credentialStat Status Type Concept Scheme
creditUnit Unit Type Concept Scheme
deliveryType Type Concept Scheme
Financial Aid Concept Scheme Aid Concept Scheme
inputType Input Type Concept Scheme
learnMethod Method Type Concept Scheme
orgType Type Concept Scheme
Intended Purpose Concept Scheme Purpose Concept Scheme
residency Type Concept Scheme
score Method Type Concept Scheme
serviceType Service Type Concept Scheme


AccreditAction AdvancedStandingAction Agent AlignmentMap ApprenticeshipCertificate ApproveAction Assessment AssessmentComponent AssessmentProfile AssociateDegree BachelorDegree Badge BasicComponent Certificate CertificateOfCompletion Certification CocurricularComponent Competency CompetencyComponent CompetencyFramework ComponentCondition ConditionManifest ConditionProfile ContactPoint CostManifest CostProfile Course CourseComponent Credential CredentialAlignmentObject CredentialAssertion CredentialComponent CredentialFramework CredentialingAction CredentialOrganization CredentialPerson Degree DigitalBadge Diploma DoctoralDegree DurationProfile EarningsProfile EmploymentOutcomeProfile ExtracurricularComponent FinancialAssistanceProfile GeneralEducationDevelopment GeoCoordinates HoldersProfile IdentifierValue IndustryClassification InstructionalProgramClassification Job JobComponent JourneymanCertificate JurisdictionProfile LearningOpportunity LearningOpportunityProfile LearningResource License MasterCertificate MasterDegree MicroCredential Occupation OccupationClassification OfferAction OpenBadge Pathway PathwayComponent PathwaySet Place PostalAddress ProcessProfile ProfessionalDoctorate QACredentialOrganization QualityAssuranceCredential QuantitativeValue RecognizeAction RegulateAction RenewAction ResearchDoctorate RevocationProfile RevokeAction RightsAction RuleSet RuleSetProfile SecondarySchoolDiploma SelectionComponent Task TransferValueProfile ValueProfile VerificationServiceProfile WorkExperienceComponent WorkRole FinancialAlignmentObject IdentifierValueSet