Credential Transparency Description Language

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Credential Transparency Description Language by Credential Engine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


The information below is based on live, in-progress draft documentation of credentials and related properties and classes.

The information is intended solely for discussion and may change at any time.

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This document is published by the Credential Engine Technical Team as an Editor's Draft for consideration and comment by the Credential Engine Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and any other interested stakeholders. All comments are welcome.

At any time, this Editor's Draft may be updated, replaced, or declared obsolete by other documents. It is inappropriate to cite this document as other than work in progress.


In the tables below, the following prefixes refer to the following schema sources:

General References
PrefixVocabulary NameVocabulary Title
asn Standards Network
ceterms Transparency Description Language
dc Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1
dct Metadata Terms
foaf of a Friend
lrmi Resource Metadata Initiative
meta Engine Meta Terms
obi Badges Technical Specification (Schema)
owl Web Language
rdf Description Framework
rdfs Schema 1.1
skos Knowledge Organization System
vann Annotation Vocabulary
vs Semantic Web Vocabulary Annotations
xsd Schema Definition
Controlled Vocabulary Concepts References (SKOS)
PrefixVocabulary NameVocabulary Title
actionStat Status Type Concept Scheme
agentSector Sector Type Concept Scheme
assessMethod Method Type Concept Vocabulary
assessUse Use Type Concept Scheme
audience Type Concept Scheme
audLevel Level Type Concept Scheme
claimType Type Concept Scheme
costType Type Concept Scheme
credentialStat Status Type Concept Scheme
creditUnit Unit Type Concept Scheme
deliveryType Type Concept Scheme
inputType Input Type Concept Scheme
learnMethod Method Type Concept Scheme
orgType Type Concept Scheme
purpose Purpose Concept Scheme
residency Type Concept Scheme
score Method Type Concept Scheme
serviceType Service Type Concept Scheme



accreditedBy accreditedIn accredits actingAgent actionStatusType address addressCountry addressLocality addressRegion administrationProcess advancedStandingFrom affiliatedAgent affiliation agentPurpose agentPurposeDescription agentSectorType agentType alignmentDate alignmentType alternateName alternativeCondition alternativeIdentifier appealProcess approvedBy approvedIn approves assertedBy assesses assessmentExample assessmentExampleDescription assessmentMethodType assessmentOutput assessmentUseType audienceLevelType audienceType availabilityListing availableAt availableOnlineAt broadAlignment codedNotation commonConditions commonCosts complaintProcess condition conditionManifestOf contactType copyrightHolder corequisite costDetails costManifestOf credentialId credentialingAction credentialStatusType credentialType creditHourType creditHourValue creditUnitType creditUnitTypeDescription creditUnitValue ctid currency dateEffective degreeConcentration degreeMajor degreeMinor deliveryType deliveryTypeDescription demographicInformation department description developmentProcess directCostType duns earnings email employee employmentOutcome endDate endTime entryCondition estimatedCost estimatedDuration evidenceOfAction exactAlignment exactDuration experience externalInputType externalResearch familyName faxNumber fein financialAssistance foundingDate framework frameworkName geoURI givenName globalJurisdiction hasAlignmentMap hasConditionManifest hasCostManifest hasGroupEvaluation hasGroupParticipation hasPart hasStatement hasVerificationService highEarnings holderMustAuthorize holders honorificSuffix identifierType identifierValueCode image inAlignmentMap industryType inLanguage instructionalProgramType instrument ipedsID isAdvancedStandingFor isPartOf isPreparationFor isProctored isRecommendedFor isRequiredFor isSimilarTo jobsObtained jurisdiction jurisdictionException keyword latestVersion latitude learningMethodType leiCode longitude lowEarnings mainJurisdiction maintenanceProcess majorAlignment maximumDuration medianEarnings minimumAge minimumDuration minorAlignment missionAndGoalsStatement missionAndGoalsStatementDescription naics name narrowAlignment numberAwarded object occupationType offeredBy offeredIn offers opeID ownedBy owns parentOrganization participant paymentPattern postalCode postOfficeBoxNumber postReceiptMonths preparationFrom previousVersion price processFrequency processingAgent processMethod processMethodDescription processStandards processStandardsDescription purposeType qualityAssuranceTargetType recognizedBy recognizedIn recognizes recommends region regulatedBy regulatedIn regulates relatedAction renewal renewalFrequency renewedBy renewedIn renews requires residencyType residentOf resultingAward reviewProcess revocation revocationCriteria revocationCriteriaDescription revocationProcess revokedBy revokedIn revokes sameAs scoringMethodDescription scoringMethodExample scoringMethodExampleDescription scoringMethodType serviceType socialMedia source spatialCoverage startDate startTime streetAddress subject subjectWebpage submissionOf subOrganization targetAssessment targetCompetency targetCompetencyFramework targetContactPoint targetCredential targetLearningOpportunity targetLearningResource targetNode targetNodeDescription targetNodeName targetPathway targetTask taskDetails teaches telephone temporalCoverage verificationDirectory verificationMethodDescription verificationService verifiedClaimType versionIdentifier weight worksFor yearsOfExperience additionalCondition agent assessmentProfiled conditionProfiled contactOption contactPoint credentialAlignment credentialProfiled learningOpportunityOffered learningOpportunityProfiled learningResource partOfIdentifierValueSet processMethodType taskProfiled trainingOffered url