Credential Transparency Description Language

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Creative Commons License
Credential Transparency Description Language by Credential Engine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

About This Schema

This is the primary schema of the Credential Engine.

2/23/2024 Release

This is the February 2024 CTDL Release.

How to Read These Tables

This page displays the Credential Transparency Description Language schema in an RDF-centric format. Below you will find every class, property, concept scheme, and concept for this schema, each with a thorough description and connections to other terms. For an object-oriented view of this schema, use the Mapping Guidance page.

The following tables use a common set of attributes to describe each Term. Not all terms will have all attributes.

URIUnique Resource Identifier used to identify the term. It consists of a full namespace (such as followed by the term itself. This URI can uniquely identify the term in various contexts, including those where multiple namespaces are used.
Shorthand URIEquivalent to the URI, but using a shorter namespace prefix (such as ceterms) followed by : and then by the term itself. Use the References table to determine which prefix is associated with which full URI namespace.
LabelA human-readable label assigned to the term. In applications, this may be substituted for any label that is suitable for that application. May be represented in multiple languages.
DefinitionThe normative definition for the term. The definition field controls the true meaning of the term regardless of its URI or its Label. May be represented in multiple languages.
CommentAdditional non-normative descriptive text to aid in understanding the intended meaning and/or purpose of the term. May be represented in multiple languages.
Usage NoteAdditional non-normative descriptive text to aid in understanding the intended usage of the term. May be represented in multiple languages.
Type of TermIndicates the type of term: Class, Property, Concept Scheme, or Concept.
StatusIndicates the current status of the term: Stable, Unstable, Pending, or Deprecated.
Subclass OfIndicates that this class is a more narrowly-focused variant of the referenced class.
Subproperty OfIndicates that this property is a more narrowly-focused variant of the referenced property.
Subconcept OfIndicates that this concept is a more narrowly-focused variant of the referenced concept.
Equivalent ToLists the terms, often from other namespaces, that have the same (or nearly the same) semantic meaning as this term.
PropertiesLists the properties that belong to this class (as defined by the properties' "Domain Includes" data).
In Range OfLists the properties whose value may be an instance of this class (as defined by the properties' "Range Includes" data).
Domain IncludesLists the classes to which this property belongs.
Range IncludesLists the classes or value types that may be used as a value for this property.
CER Target SchemeLists the concept schemes that are intended to ultimately be used as values for this term, either directly or indirectly.
ConceptsLists the terms that may be considered concepts for this concept scheme.
CER Scheme ForLists the terms that are intended to reference terms from this scheme, either directly or indirectly.
In SchemeLists the concept schemes in which this concept appears.
SerializationProvides links to serializations (in JSON-LD and Turtle) for this term.
HistoryProvides links to the schema update history for this term.


In the tables below, the following prefixes refer to the following schema sources:

General References
PrefixVocabulary NameVocabulary Title
asn Standards Network
case Global CASE
ceasn Profile of Achievement Standards Network Description Language
ceds Education Data Standards (CEDS) Schema Elements
ceterms Transparency Description Language
cs Set
dc Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1
dct Metadata Terms
foaf of a Friend
gemq Qualified Terms
lrmi Resource Metadata Initiative
meta Engine Meta Terms
obi Badges Technical Specification (Schema)
odrl2 Version 2.2 Ontology
owl Web Language
qdata Data Schema
rdf Description Framework
rdfs Schema 1.1
skos Knowledge Organization System
vann Annotation Vocabulary
vs Semantic Web Vocabulary Annotations
xsd Schema Definition
Controlled Vocabulary Concepts References (SKOS)
PrefixVocabulary NameVocabulary Title
accommodation Concept Scheme
actionStat Status Type Concept Scheme
agentSector Sector Type Concept Scheme
array Operation Category Concept Scheme
assessMethod Method Type Concept Scheme
assessUse Use Type Concept Scheme
audience Type Concept Scheme
audLevel Level Type Concept Scheme
claimType Type Concept Scheme
collectionCategory Category Concept Scheme
compare Category Concept Scheme
costType Type Concept Scheme
credentialStat Status Type Concept Scheme
creditUnit Unit Type Concept Scheme
deliveryType Type Concept Scheme
financialAid Aid Concept Scheme
inputType Input Type Concept Scheme
learnMethod Method Type Concept Scheme
lifeCycle Cycle Status Concept Scheme
logic Operator Category Concept Scheme
orgType Type Concept Scheme
residency Type Concept Scheme
scheduleFrequency Frequency Concept Scheme
scheduleTiming Timing Concept Scheme
score Method Type Concept Scheme
serviceType Service Type Concept Scheme
support Service Category Concept Scheme


AcademicCertificate AccreditAction AdvancedStandingAction Agent AggregateDataProfile AlignmentMap ApprenticeshipCertificate ApproveAction Assessment AssessmentComponent AssessmentProfile AssociateDegree AssociateOfAppliedArtsDegree AssociateOfAppliedScienceDegree AssociateOfArtsDegree AssociateOfScienceDegree BachelorDegree BachelorOfArtsDegree BachelorOfScienceDegree Badge BasicComponent BasicTechnicalCertificate Certificate CertificateOfCompletion CertificateOfParticipation Certification CocurricularComponent Collection CollectionComponent CollectionMember CompetencyComponent ComponentCondition ConditionManifest ConditionProfile Constraint ConstraintRule ContactPoint CostManifest CostProfile Course CourseComponent Credential CredentialAlignmentObject CredentialAssertion CredentialComponent CredentialFramework CredentialingAction CredentialOrganization CredentialPerson Degree DigitalBadge Diploma DoctoralDegree DurationProfile EarningsProfile EmploymentOutcomeProfile ExtracurricularComponent FinancialAssistanceProfile GeneralEducationDevelopment GeneralEducationLevel1Certificate GeneralEducationLevel2Certificate GeoCoordinates HigherEducationLevel1Certificate HigherEducationLevel2Certificate HoldersProfile IdentifierValue IndustryClassification InstructionalProgramClassification Job JobComponent JourneymanCertificate JurisdictionProfile LearningOpportunity LearningOpportunityProfile LearningProgram LearningResource License MasterCertificate MasterDegree MasterOfArtsDegree MasterOfScienceDegree MicroCredential MultiComponent Occupation OccupationClassification OfferAction OpenBadge Organization Pathway PathwayComponent PathwaySet Place PostalAddress PostBaccalaureateCertificate PostMasterCertificate PreApprenticeshipCertificate ProcessProfile ProfessionalCertificate ProfessionalDoctorate ProficiencyCertificate QACredentialOrganization QualityAssuranceCredential QuantitativeValue RecognizeAction RegistrationAction RegulateAction RenewAction ResearchDoctorate RevocationProfile RevokeAction RightsAction ScheduledOffering SecondaryEducationCertificate SecondarySchoolDiploma SpecialistDegree SupportService Task TechnicalLevel1Certificate TechnicalLevel2Certificate TechnicalLevel3Certificate TransferIntermediary TransferValueProfile ValueProfile VerificationServiceProfile WorkBasedLearningCertificate WorkExperienceComponent WorkforceDemandAction WorkRole Competency CompetencyFramework FinancialAlignmentObject IdentifierValueSet SelectionComponent